1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth

A well known RS500 in simply perfect condition.


This car started life as a genuine RS500, but over the years has had so many modifications that we are now selling it a normal 3-door. A five previous owner car with a long and interesting history – importantly we know every owner and everything that has happened to this car, so no secrets or surprises. The first owner was a company called Thomas & Co, details appear in the original service book that came with the car from Ford in Coventry. Second owner was a Mr Webber who purchased the car from Tildesley Ford in Wolverhampton in May 1988. The third owner was Midland Telecom in February 1990. This company was owned by Simon Mark who registered the car in his name in 1996. In 2009 famed RS specialist Martin Hadland became the fifth owner and kept it until 2014 when he sold the car to Nick Pritchard in 2014 who documented his works to the car on passionford.com. The car is now back with Martin Hadland but remains in the trade and we have the pleasure of selling the car on his behalf.

The car has had a variety of number plates starting with E444JAC, then 8571SM and now 500NXT which comes with the car. In Simon Marks ownership the car was damaged and re-shelled to a very high standard, and at the same time painted Moonstone Blue and converted to 4wd. We have photos of the damage, and the car was never catagorised by the insurance company. When Martin owned the car it was re-painted black and put back to 2wd. In Nicks ownership the car has been brought back to the almost concourse condition it is presented in today. Fully repainted to perfection, it has been used as one of the polish manufacturer Meguairs poster cars (a poster comes with the car). See below for the current full spec of this incredible car.

Current MOT is valid until August 2020 with no advisories. We have MOT certs up to 2004 at 71,500 miles. The car came off the road from 2004 to 2011 when after major works the speedo was zeroed and now reads 14,600 so total mileage is 86,100. We have all the MOT certs from 2011 to the present.


Fully rebuilt by Reyland Motorsport using the following: 88mm Forged Farndon crank, Farndon H section rods, ACL Race bearings, forged pistons, block long studded with MLS head gasket, head ported and 1mm oversize inlet and exhaust valves, new guides and seals, double valve springs uprated cams with Vernier pulleys, properly dialled in by Reyland, crank and bottom end components balanced, GT3071 roller bearing turbo, Omex 710 sequential inj ecu running plug top coils, Pro Alloy huge intercooler. This makes for 2300cc and gave 470hp on the rolling road. Transmission: (This conversion costs around £5.5k fitted) Tremec TKO 600 gearbox conversion, this gearbox is bolted to the original belhousing and is a direct bolt in fit with no tunnel mods. The reverse position is same as the OE T5 box and even uses the same gear lever. Hydraulic centre push conversion, this allows the heaviest single plate clutch cover to be used but still retains a pedal that’s nice to use. Organic clutch plate so no judder. Correct speedo tooth count gear fitted to gearbox to make the speedo spot on accurate. The 600 part of the gearboxes name refers to its torque handling ability, its rated at 600 ft/b but is known to be reliable at way more. Brakes: (Cost £4.6K) Front: 362mm AP rotors with CP5555 6 pot calipers with Reyland floating bells Ferodo DS2500 pads Braided lines. Rear: 330mm Reyland rotors with CP5200 4 pot calipers with Reyland floating bells DS2500 pads braided lines. OE rear caliper used for handbrake facility (MOT compliant). Wheels are 8×18 Compomotive TH V2 (very rare) with 215 front 225 rear both 35 profile (there are two other sets of same size different style Compomotive wheels for the car that could be available by separate negotiation). Shocks: Koni adjustable with Ahmed Bajoo coil springs. Exhaust: Collins 3 box stainless with V band downpipe (quiet but expensive at over £800).

Extras fitted: Heated front screen on proper timer relay, air-conditioning, electric powered sunroof, main floor and bulkhead dynamatted, Ford RS Steering wheel, Internal boot release, extra interior lighting. New parts fitted by previous owner: Headlamps, indicators, A pillar seals, tail lamps, mouldings, front screen, Armourfend.


Stunning everywhere – flawless, mirror finish paint, unmarked interior, super-clean underneath, in the engine bay and in the boot. Perfect glass, wheels (including spare), Good Year Eagle F1 tyres all-round with tonnes of tread. Full set of keys and books, piles of invoices and HPi clear (apart from colour change note). Very good security system fitted.


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